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Dr. R.P. Saini, Principal

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The special importance of a pre-planned planning is remained behind the establishment of the college. This is the result of hardworking and foreseeing of the former pardhan of panchayat samiti govindgarh and the president of “Shri Krishan Hostel Committee Mr. Bhagwan Sahay Dhansil who is suggested this name Shree Krishan Teaching and Research institute.” This was established on 24 September, 2010. “Shri Krishan College has been founded under this committee. The registration of committee was done according to the regulation company acts of state government, in which education and research work is preferred as this educational institute was founded. Today this committee has private ownership of a co-education college with post graduation, a training college and a pharmacy college in diploma.
The Motto of committee- “Education to all and qualitative education” can be seen successful. The aim of the president of committee contributes in the formation of nation providing a qualitative education. Fees and physical facilities have of this college according to village earnings. The dream of “Low fees and qualitative education seems to come true. This is the only college which is giving all facilities of urban in rural areas. The purpose of committee is to give qualitative and higher education in rural areas.

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   The main objective of college is to give its contribution in the direction of making India of world Guru. “Mission Statement” tells the main objectives of the institute. While “vision statement” shows off the targets and ambitions of the institute in future. To know about present and future of any institute is to know abound mission and vision statement necessary. All the departments of institute should be understood mission and vision of the institute. It is said that the man is blind without eyes. But the man is dead without vision. So the college cannot progress without vision.
   Mission tells about active plans of institute. In other words, this tells the season of existence and objectives of the institute, vision defines running present focus and objectives. So to decide the vision and mission of college should be aimed to provide a qualitative and valuable education to the students.... View More


  • 1. Development the feeling of unity in diversity
  • 2. To prepare able and skilled citizen
  • 3. Effective Teaching
  • 4. Innovation in teaching
  • 5. Qualitative education
  • 6. Optimistic outlook
  • 7. Social Service
  • 8. Development of scientific thinking
  • 9. Sacred conduct
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Approvals & Affiliations

Approvals & Affiliations

The college is approved by University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and Government of Rajasthan.



  • Full scholarship to [SC, ST, OBC(BPL), SBC, ] candidates as per the norms of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Rajasthan.

  • Partial scholarship to minority candidates and many More...



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